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  Gongyi city, the source water treatment co., LTD(Coconut shell activated carbon、Apricot shell activated carbon、Coal column activated carbon、The powdery decolorizing activated carbon),(Polyaluminium chloride、Polyaluminium chloride iron、Alkali aluminum chloride、Polyacrylamide、Calcium aluminate powder)(Anthracite filter material、Manganese sand filter materials、Quartz sand filter material、Zeolite filter material、Nut shell filter material、Magnetite filter material、The bubble bead filter material、Activated alumina)
  My company's products are widely used in paper making、Printing and dyeing、Sewage treatment、Chemical industry、The gas、Metallurgy、Urban construction environmental protection and other fields,More than product sales areas,Was well received by the majority of users and trust,Awareness is growing。
  Our company always adhere to the“As to the facts,Let the practice test”The service tenet,Adhering to the“Unity、Innovation、The good faith、Pragmatic”Spirit of enterprise and business philosophy,Rely on advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment,To provide customers with high quality、High standards of water treatment products,More than seventy kinds of product types,Involved in electric power、The oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Industrial wastewater、

Urban sewage and urban water supply and drainage areas。Product sales across the country more than 20 provinces and cities、Autonomous region,Widely used in steel、Electric power、The oil、Chemical industry、Environmental protection,Domestic and drinking water,Industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment and other industries。Let us hand in hand,Create a blue sky blue water。


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Gongyi city, the source water treatment co., LTD(Gongyi city the original source Water treatment plant)。Located in huanghe river town——Tianjin port。 Engaged in the anthracite filter material manufacturers、Quartz sand filter material price、Manganese sand filter Material price、Zeolite filter material prices and other technical services in one。Products Types of more than seventy kinds,Involved in electric power、The oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、 Industrial wastewater、Urban sewage and urban water supply and drainage areas。Product sales Sold all over the country more than 20 provinces and cities...


 Have relatedProduct research and development personnel

  20Years to focus on water purification processing materials manufacturing

  DE source water treatment has been accumulated5000Several customers with all kinds of water treatment material custom service

  Through the country3CCertificationAProducts,ISO9001Quality system certification


At homeWater purification material processingProduction enterprise

 Their own40Million square meters production base,Located in the henan gongyi, tianjin port town

 Larger than 10 professional production lines in the industry

 The company has thousands of professional and technical personnel and production workers


 Professional team  Star service  After all

  After-sales service tracking directly by the manufacturer,7*24Hour rapid response

  Products after they go out7Quality problems within days,Can the unconditional return

  Always adhere to the“Take the customer as the guide”The service values,The client has any questions,To solve the problem of customers first,Again

  Analysis of the responsibility


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Address:Gongyi city in henan province town of tianjin port



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